Space Gods Super Nova THC-A 7g Disposable Vape

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  • Space Gods Super Nova THC-A 7g Disposable Vape
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Space Gods Super Nova THC-A 7g Disposable Vape

Prepare for liftoff with the Space Gods Super Nova Disposable, your ultimate companion for a journey to the stars. This 7g vape device is infused with a unique blend of THC-A Liquid Diamonds, THC-P, and Delta-8, designed to transport you to a state of unparalleled relaxation and euphoria. The sleek and user-friendly design promises an otherworldly vaping experience, launching you into the cosmic realm with every puff.

Advanced Features

  • USB-C Charging: The Space Gods Super Nova is equipped with USB-C charging capabilities, ensuring your intergalactic escapades are never interrupted. The ease of recharging allows for continuous exploration of the universe.
  • Dual Coil Design: Engineered for excellence, the dual coil design ensures every inhale is smooth and potent, efficiently delivering the stellar effects of the diverse strains.

Generous Capacity

Boasting a substantial 7 grams per device, the Super Nova guarantees an extended journey through celestial relaxation and sensory delight. It's the perfect choice for both seasoned space travelers and newcomers to the cosmic realm.

Strain Selection

  • Alien Grass (Sativa): Experience a sativa that elevates your senses, making you feel as if you're soaring among the stars.
  • Electric Cosmonaut (Sativa): Tap into the universe's energy with this sativa, perfect for a truly electrifying experience.
  • Mango Multiverse (Hybrid): Explore the harmony of a hybrid, merging the best qualities for a blissful, balanced state.
  • Solar Slushy (Sativa): Refresh your quest for relaxation with Solar Slushy, oscillating between soothing and energizing effects.
  • Stellar Surprise (Indica): Conclude your cosmic voyage with the serenity of an indica, enveloping you in a calming, stellar embrace.

Usage Tips

  • 7000mg Device: Packed with 7000mg for a lasting experience.
  • Inhalation Advice: Inhale deeply for 3 seconds for the best results.
  • Initial Usage: Start with 1-2 puffs and wait 20 minutes to gauge your tolerance before further exploration.


The Space Gods Super Nova Disposable complies with the 2018 Farm Bill, ensuring legal and safe enjoyment.

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