Runtz Delta 8 Vape Kit

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  • Runtz Delta 8 Vape
  • Runtz Delta 8 Vape Indica
  • Runtz Delta 8 Vape Kit
  • Runtz Delta 8 Vape Kit
  • Runtz Delta 8 Vape Sour Diesel
  • Runtz Delta 8 Vape Blue Dream
  • Runtz Delta 8 Vape Wedding Cake
  • Runtz Delta 8 Vape Skywalker
  • Runtz Delta 8 Vape Sativa
  • Runtz Delta 8 Vape Hybrid
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Runtz Delta 8 Vape Starter Kit

900mg Delta 8 THC ​
Powerful 400 mAh Battery ​ ​
Disposable (No Maintenance / Refilling) ​
Pre-Charged and Pre-Filled ​
Compact and Sleek Design

Blue Dream
Wedding Cake
Sour Diesel

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12 Reviews

  • 4
    Runtz blue dream

    was pretty good, got blue dream, got me pretty high but you need a few pulls to actually get high, high as shit right now though

  • 3
    Pretty OK

    I bought Runtz OG. Flavor is okay. The pen itself often has clogging issues but it’s easily fixable.

  • 5

    the flavor on Skywalker is super nice, also deeply appreciate the discrete packaging and delivery

  • 5
    Vary good

    I definitely will buymore very Porten

  • 5

    Ordered from this site a while ago but never got one of these. recently ordered a Skywalker and it's comparable to the 70%D9 Skywalker distillate I've had. Good flavor, good battery, feels great.

  • 5
    Love it

    the skywalker smacks I’m definitely ordering more

  • 4

    It was nice feeling the taste was good and it jus hit so good the only bad thing is that it dosent have a button

  • 5
    This Is The One

    I grabbed up Skywalker & loved it. Last long, smooth pulls. After some time of usage prob like a week in or once you get past 50% of it, the pulls will get choppy and you gotta put a lil work to make it work but, thats to be expected. I will be getting it again

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