Flying Monkey Delta 8 Diamonds

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Flying Monkey CBD Delta 8 Diamonds 2G

Terp Diamonds

Killer potency, incredible flavor.

The Flying Monkey Delta 8 Terp Diamonds combines the heavy hitting potency of concentrates with an amazing burst of flavor from our specially formulated terpene sauce.

Our current testing shows over 99% Δ8 THC (990mg), and over 90% CBD (900mg).

Our Terp Diamonds features 1 gram of highly potent Delta-8 THC concentrate, smothered in 1 gram of flavorful CBD terpene sauce.

The Flying Monkey Delta 8 Terp Diamonds is sure to give you an incredibly strong hit, and even stronger flavor! 

All cannabinoids used in our Terp Diamonds are derived from US grown hemp and are federally legal under the Farm Bill Act.

The Flying Monkey Terp Diamonds come in 5 unique strains (sativas, indicas, and hybrids!)


  • 990mg Delta 8 THC Concentrate

  • 900mg CBD Terpene Sauce

  • Lasts ~1 Week (Medium Usage)

  • Child Resistant Packaging

  • Tamper Evident Side Seal

  • Weight 2G
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5 Reviews

  • 4
    d8 Flying Monkey Diamonds

    i did not kno it would hit like datt very good body high and still some euporia so basically a head high too but the smell of the wax was like cat piss and the flavors I chose but when I dabbed it had a delicious taste also they were little grey specs on the wax made me sketchy but it I stilled tried it and here I am now gone and typing this

  • 5
    Flying Monkey concentrate (dabs).

    This is my all time favorite!! It will get you there in a cloud of flavor and aroma!!

  • 5
    French vanilla vape juice

    This is like eating dessert. It taste like it smells and there is no bite! YUMMY!

  • 5
    Great service, OK product

    Service was fast, and product was OK. No issues. Thanks Windy City!

  • 5
    Very good product

    I buy this for the very first time ever having diamonds, it's amazing for the price it's well worth it

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